What is traffic survival?
Traffic survival is an eight hour class required by Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) for certain violations or circumstances:
Any driver convicted of a red light violation
Any driver who has accumulated 8 to 12 points in a one year period
Any driver convicted of a moving violation under the age of 18

What is the difference with a defensive driving class?

The defensive driving program is administered through the court system. If a driver is issued a citation and the driver has not pled guilty or paid the citation, they may be eligible to have the citation dismissed. Click here to register or learn more about defensive driving class.
How long is the class?
MVD requires an 8 hour class, which does not include lunch or breaks.
Does taking the class take points off my driving record?
No, you've already been convicted of the violation. However, completion of the class will keep MVD from suspending your license for not taking the class. It is a mandatory class required by MVD , so if it is not completed within a 60 day period, your license will be suspended.
What if my license is already suspended for not taking the class?
Complete the class and then take the steps to reinstate your license. Either take your "completion certificate" to MVD, or click here to reinstate online.
How long can I put off taking the class?
The "Traffic Survival School Order" you receive in the mail states "completion within 60 days is required" from your notice date in the top right corner of the letter.
Is there a test? Do I need to study?
No test and no need to worry. As long as you participate and complete the 8 hours of class time, you will receive your completion certificate.
What do I need to bring?
MVD/ADOT "Traffic Survival School Order" or court-ordered documentation
Driver's License or valid ID
$150 cash or money order

What if I don't have the letter?

Either click here to download your 39 month Motor Vehicle Record (MVR), which will include your TSS case number, or call the school and we can print one the day of the class for $3.
How do I register?
Call 602 405 6644.